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March 2020

beautiful review by Paul Romhany from the "Vanish Magic Magazine" of the just released CD of my soundtrack for Ruben Vilagrand's show.

Creating the soundtrack for Ruben Vilagrand's Magic Show

February 2020

After nearly a decade of work, at last we can hear illusionist Rubén Vilagrand’s complete soundtrack.


This soundtrack, composed by Roman Gottwald, is inspired by circus music, Tango, Klezmer, and movie soundtracks.


The tick-tocking of clocks and a typewriter, car-horns and gadgets are transformed into musical instruments, giving a unique character to the soundtrack. 


This musical creation has improved and matured in detail over years, until finally being recorded and brought to life by a group of international musicians. 


An essential part of the spectacle’s choreography, each of the illusionist’s stage movements have been scrutinised, nuanced, and accentuated by the composer, bringing an unmistakable unique language to the performance. 


Rubén Vilagrand (born in Úbeda, Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist who combines pantomime and comedy with illusion to create a one-of-a-kind spectacle. 


The majority of his effects he creates and builds himself, making his act one of the most truly original and unique today. After becoming a double-award winner in the National Magic Congress (Invention Magic & Parlour Magic) in 2013, he has traveled the world, bringing his act to such prestigious venues as the Magic Castle in Hollywood and television programs like Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde.

Orchestrations for upcoming thriller Urubú

October 2019

I had the pleasure to help out composer Arturo Diéz Boscovich for his soundtrack. The movie is going to be released in 2020.

What is it about ?

Tomás, birdwatcher and photographer, tries to give his career a push by taking an impossible photograph: an albino Urubú never seen outside captivity. To this end, he drags his wife and daughter to the Amazonian forest ... 

Watch the trailer:

... this is the first time I’ve ever heard of an artist releasing their original music for their show.

In this case it is Ruben Vilagrand and the music is by Roman Gottwald.


There are many parts that make a successful act, and in Rubéns case it is not only his talent as a performer

but it is elevated to another level by the incredible music by Gottwald. The music is ver quirky, and takes you a journey with each new piece.

Even if you haven’t seen Ruben’s act your imagination stirs when you listen to the tracks. I now have this on my iPhone and have been listening to it each day when I go for a walk.


The actual genre of music you might say is a throw back to swing, jazz and even Spike Jones. There are wonderful melodies mixed in with sounds of coins, vacuum cleaners and other oddities.


As a silent act myself I can easily visualize what might be happening in each piece, and as a musician I just love the orchestration and style of this type of music. It take me back in time almost, but with a very modern feel. 

This is a great example of two artist collaborating together to produce not just visuals but also audio. The two go hand in hand for Ruben and you should check this CD out because I think you’ll love it.


Paul Romhany, Vanish Magic Magazine

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January 2020

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